Javarisi Kolukattai / Sago Kolukattai

Wishing you all a very HAPPY VINAYAGR CHATHURTHI. An auspicious hindu festival celebrated all over India,it is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune.The traditional sweet prepared as Neivedhyam for Lord Ganesha is Kozhukatai (MODAK) made from rice flour or wheat flour with stuffing of grated coconut,jaggery,nuts and sugar. These kozhukatais are made using different ingredients and differs from region to region.
I’d like to share a different version of kolukattai using tapioca pearls with nuts and raisins pooranam. Make sure you make a thin outer covering with the dough with good amount of filling inside to enjoy the sweetness in every bite.Do try this kozhukatai and enjoy the day with your loved ones at home.





1/2 cup Sago / Javarisi
2 tsp rice flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp grated coconut
2 tbsp mixed nuts and raisins
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
Salt to taste
Water as required


Soak the sago in half cup water for an hour.

Soak tapioca pearls

Strain the water and pulse the sago in mixer for 5 sec. Then mix it with rice flour,salt and make soft dough.

Mix grated coconut,chopped nuts and raisins together in a small bowl for the poranam.

Make equal sized balls out of the dough. Take a ball, flatten it gently and add the pooranam. Seal the edges properly. Steam or 12-15 mins.

Glossy Sago Kozhukatai .


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