About Me

Hello My dear Friends,

Started from scratch and here I am with loads of ideas all around.Since my childhood days I always had a love towards cooking and my Home science classes paved the way for it.My Home Science lab was my foremost kitchen before Swapna’s Kitchen where I started cooking recipes from basic to expert levels.
There are no right or wrong recipes in cooking.Anything cooked at home by you with love is definitely a perfect recipe.So try your hands at home with new recipes after all it is your kitchen who else can question you.Slowly you will be appreciated by your family and friends.
A successful dish needs quality ingredients ,cooked to right consistency and finally served at right temperature.The last important thing is to share it with your loved ones. Let’s start a happy and love filled cooking:)

Lot of learning and sharing ahead, Will keep you posted forever !!

Now and always,
Swapna Karthik 🙂

“Food brings families together and love becomes the basic ingredient in every cooking”

111 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love food and have some posts on food bringing our family together in the thoughts of my little one, and it is one of our biggest beliefs in our home. I can’t wait to get ideas from your blog and use them in our kitchen! 🙂

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  2. I am loving reading your recipes, but some things are unclear to a western cook, like “grind” – your ground veggies look like fairly large pieces – do you use a food processor? “Curd”? Curd of what?


    1. Thanks a lot..we use lot of spices in Indian cooking and I always use freshly ground spices like pepper,cardamom,cumin,cinnamon for I dont use ready made powders…I use a blender to grind them…I then add them to the veggies while cooking….


        1. Thank you,Swati…I was not in station past few days So could nt write for the award too …Will make it as soon as possible and your Sesame burfi recipe is still there in my to do list….Will post it soon with your name ….

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  3. Hello Swapna! Thanks for following my wordpress.com site but it is no longer in use anymore. My current blog address is http://www.springtomorrow.com, do stop by to say hello 🙂 I enjoy reading your recipe posts. I’ve only made butter chicken and tandoori chicken at home but your blog really opens up a whole new world of Indian cuisine for me. There’s so much to learn about your food culture and I’ll definitely try some of those recipes too. Keep writing! 🙂


  4. Hi Swapna,
    I enjoy reading your blog an dyour wonderful recipes. That is why I have nominated you for the Dragon’s loyalty award. Please find all the details here-https://indfused.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/3-awards-in-july/ Congratulations!


                    1. Got it Sudhir ,We call it Somass,you won’t believe today morning only I called my mom and asked her whether she could help me with this recipe for my Diwali post..


  5. Well am Swapna’s brother !

    My sis got greater talents and everyone can see the same in her blog , the way she cooks , her display and the descriptions for every steps . Clearly she made her name for herself in the Blog Community.

    I wish you and your blog to have lot of view and compliments. Looking forward on your updates

    Tc sis 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much my dear thambu..Being an illiterate in computers,it is because of you I started this blog…And you have helped me with all my silly ,stupid questions here..Without you nothing would have been possible,the entire credit goes to you my thambu..

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