Jackfruit Milkshake

In this scorching summer season, who wouldn't love to sip a cool and refreshing drink? If you are looking for something new, then you can try out the delicious and nutritious Jackfruit milkshake. Jackfruits have an amazing flavour with a heavy fruity aroma. In addition to the taste factor, this milkshake supplies your body with … Continue reading Jackfruit Milkshake


Godhumai Halwa / Wheat Halwa (Tirunelvelli Halwa)

Godhumai halwa is a rich and fudgy indian dessert made from milk of wheat with caramelised sugar and some GHEE roasted nuts.This is the traditional way of making wheat halwa in Tirunelvelli district and popularly known as Iruttukadai Halwa. Indian sweets are rich and high in calories with lot of sugar and ghee.And this wheat … Continue reading Godhumai Halwa / Wheat Halwa (Tirunelvelli Halwa)

Coconut Milk Pudding

Summer comfort coconut milk pudding with creamy ,smooth texture and mild coconut flavour.It's a quick dessert that can be whipped with just 4 simple ingredients.I have used agar agar to bring out that jello consistency. This pudding is not very sugary,You can either add more condensed milk or sugar according to your taste.An easy pudding … Continue reading Coconut Milk Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Let's make some Chocolate Pudding completely from scratch.This Chocolate pudding recipe is crazy easy ,there are lot of versions of chocolate pudding recipe out there,but the basic ingredients are cocoa,sugar,cream,cornstarch and some milk.You could make it richer and darker with higher percentage cocoa.Every chocolate lover needs to try this super thick,creamy,smooth pudding that is totally … Continue reading Chocolate Pudding

Ceylon Parota (with egg & chicken)

Stuffed Ceylon Parota with egg and chicken filling -restaurant style recipe with step wise pictures.It is a popular street food in Srilanka (called as Ceylon in olden days).Sumptuous and tasty Ceylon Parota can be made for breakfast or lunch for it is wholesome and filling with egg and chicken inside.Unlike plain parota ,stuffed parotas are … Continue reading Ceylon Parota (with egg & chicken)

Oats Idly

Instant Oats Idly is so healthy and tasty with powdered oats,wheat rava and curd and doesn't require any fermentation process.Oats Idlis are best for those who are calorie conscious,you can also add some veggies and make it more delicious and healthy.I have used eno salt here which can be substituted with baking soda as well. … Continue reading Oats Idly

Green Gram Laddu / Pachai Payiru Laddu

Green gram Laddu / Pachai Payiru Laddu is so easy and quick laddu recipe with just 4 main ingredients ( green gram dal,sugar,ghee and milk).The roasted gram ,cardamom and ghee makes the laddu more flavourful.A protein rich laddu that can be prepared in huge batches even for a group of people.They are so perfect for … Continue reading Green Gram Laddu / Pachai Payiru Laddu

Sumeru Frozen Foods

Frozen food company SUMERU has launched its signature ‘frozen gourmet meals in collaboration with Michelin star chef Alfred Prasad.He's a master at fine dining,a culinary genius and world famous Michelin Star Chef. Alfred Prasad's recipes follow the 3-H philosophy – Heritage, Health, and Happiness. This reflects in the ingredients we have chosen whether it is … Continue reading Sumeru Frozen Foods

Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer is another famous side dish paneer recipe prepared using kadai,a special Indian cookware which is used in most of the Indian kitchen.A very simple recipe that is prepared with cashew and almond paste which is added to sautéed onions,tomatoes and capsicum and then finally paneer is added with some Kasturi methi for more … Continue reading Kadai Paneer