Badam Milk | Almond Milk Recipe


Badam milk is a very popular milk beverage with ground almonds and flavored with cardamom and saffron. A very healthy protein rich drink with the goodness of almonds. The almonds need to be soaked overnight or 2-3 hours in hot water. This makes it easier to remove the skin and also to grind them to … Continue reading Badam Milk | Almond Milk Recipe


Javarisi Kolukattai / Sago Kolukattai

Wishing you all a very HAPPY VINAYAGR CHATHURTHI. An auspicious hindu festival celebrated all over India,it is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune.The traditional sweet prepared as Neivedhyam for Lord Ganesha is Kozhukatai (MODAK) made from rice flour or wheat flour with stuffing of grated coconut,jaggery,nuts and sugar. These … Continue reading Javarisi Kolukattai / Sago Kolukattai

What to Look For in Charcoal Grills


Their names say it all, charcoal grills are outdoor cookers where you can cook delicious barbecue. The fuel source is charcoal, and it requires more energy effort than the gas varieties to heat up everything, control the fire, start cooking and cleaning up. However, the rewards are well worth it because the smoky flavors are … Continue reading What to Look For in Charcoal Grills

What You Need to Know About Winemaking and Storage

  In the past, wine was a luxury that only the wealthy and affluent in society could afford. Today, however, just about anyone can buy a bottle of wine. That said, not all wines are great wines because like many other things today, the more expensive ones will 90 percent of the time taste better … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Winemaking and Storage

Badam Halwa

A rich Indian sweet with soft, fudge like texture made with badam ,ghee, sugar,milk and saffron that is so perfect for special occasions and celebrations at home.You can easily make them in huge batches for gathering with family or friends. This traditional method of making Badam Halwa is time consuming and needs lot of patience.Badam … Continue reading Badam Halwa

Prawn Kulambu / Eraal Kulambu

A quick prawns kulambu made with prawns and veggies cooked in tomato and coconut gravy.It goes good with plain rice , idly and dosai.I 've added just cumin and coriander for flavour too much masala might dominate the flavour of prawns.You can also add potatoes, raw plantain or brinjal to make this curry.Make sure you … Continue reading Prawn Kulambu / Eraal Kulambu

Paal Kozhukattai ( with jaggery)

Paal kozhukatai is a famous chettinad recipe made using rice flour, coconut milk and milk .There is no sugar in this recipe instead jaggery is added for sweetness. Rice dumplings are cooked in milk and finally coconut milk and jaggery syrup are added with grated coconut and cardamom powder for taste and flavor.Paal kozhukatai tastes … Continue reading Paal Kozhukattai ( with jaggery)