Banana Muffins Recipe

Like Banana Bread ,these sweet ,moist banana muffins are the best way to use overripe bananas .When I don't have time to make muffins,i just make smoothies.So that no bananas get wasted in our house.Banana Muffins are so easy to make at home ,it takes just 5 mins to prepare and 22* mins to bake.For … Continue reading Banana Muffins Recipe


Easy Vanilla Cake Recipe

This moist and tender Vanilla cake is so easy to make at home.It can be paired wonderfully with your favourite frostings and fillings.All you need is few ingredients and 10 mins preparation time to make this simple yet delicious vanilla cake.You can bake it in any pan.This creaming method of making this cake is so … Continue reading Easy Vanilla Cake Recipe

Wheat Ghee Biscuits Recipe

With just 3 ingredients one can make these wheat ghee biscuits so easily at home.Wheat ghee biscuits has a powdery texture that just melts in your mouth.Homemade cookies are always more delicious than the store bought ones for we use only fresh ghee or butter to make them.They can be made in huge batches and … Continue reading Wheat Ghee Biscuits Recipe

Apple Muffins Recipe

A really easy Apple muffin recipe that is so soft and so tasty.I always love making cupcakes and breads with fruits and veggies for they give such nice flavour and texture.Baking these muffins makes your kitchen smell wonderful .You will just need basic ingredients along with apple to make these muffins.You can use your choice … Continue reading Apple Muffins Recipe

Kesar Pista Bicuits / Saffron Pistachio Cookies (eggless)

Kesar Pista Cookies are sweet,rich ,bright hued cookies that makes it a perfect addition for every special celebrations at home.The blend of saffron and pista makes it more flavorful with crunchy toppings.You can also add assorted nuts but i like the combo of yellow cookies with crushed green pistachios. I love all sorts of cookies … Continue reading Kesar Pista Bicuits / Saffron Pistachio Cookies (eggless)

Jam Biscuits / Jam filled cookies (eggless)

Jam biscuits,a buttery ,crumbly biscuits with chewy jam filling is so easy and delicious biscuit recipe that pair well with evening tea.Though we get so many shop bought jammy biscuits with fancy packing ,homemade ones are so delicious and kids would love to help you make them.It's a happy activity to do together especially during … Continue reading Jam Biscuits / Jam filled cookies (eggless)

Chocolate Choco chip Muffins

Vanilla scented chocolate muffin batter with some chocochip is all you need to make these Chocolate chocochip muffins.This delicious recipe is loaded with a good dose of chocolate chips.A very simple recipe that is so perfect for kids lunch boxes or as an after school snack.The texture is so soft like cake with crusty top.Use … Continue reading Chocolate Choco chip Muffins

Wheat Sesame Crackers

Crackers are flat biscuits with savoury and salty flavours.Here's a simple salted golden brown crackers made with 3 healthy ingredients wheat,olive oil and sesame seeds.These crackers are very crispy with the nutty ,crunchy sesame seeds that give such nice flavour to the crackers.They are unbelievably easy to make and bake in minutes.In less than half … Continue reading Wheat Sesame Crackers

Ragi & Wheat Biscuits

Ragi (Finger millet) and Wheat are healthy and nutritious cereal with many health benefits.We can lot of healthy recipes with these two amazing 'super cereal'like dosa,upma ,idly,puttu and many more.In ancient India,people were so familiar with finger millet however it is totally absent in most people's diet.These two healthy cereal are high in fiber ,controls … Continue reading Ragi & Wheat Biscuits