Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney

Ridge gourd / Peerkangai is a fiber rich vegetable with white spongy pulp part and ruff outer skin part.But these peels are edible and can be used to make delicious chutney. Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and calories thus aids weight loss.So whenever you make Peerkangai poriyal at home ,never throw the peels … Continue reading Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney


Sandwich Chutney

Sandwich Chutney is so quick to make at home,there is so much goodness in this chutney with all fresh ingredients.A one step chutney where the ingredients are ground raw without any cooking process.Such a healthy,delicious green colored chutney that tastes great with few breakfasts like Idly,dosa,chappathi and poori.Sometimes,I mix them with curd and serve with … Continue reading Sandwich Chutney

Vengaya chutney / Shallots chutney

Shallots are small red onions that are widely used in curries,sambar,papads,chutneys and many more.I always love to try different varieties of chutney.They are the best accompaniment for most of the South Indian breakfast. Shallots chutney / chinna vengayam chutney is prepared with shallots,dried red chillies,garlic,ginger and tamarind. A perfect chutney for travelers and trekkers for … Continue reading Vengaya chutney / Shallots chutney

Poondu Chutney / Garlic Chutney

Poondu Chutney ,a fiery ,spicy bright coloured chutney made from garlic cloves,coconut and dried red chillies.If you are bored at making the regular coconut chutney at home,then do try this simple Garlic chutney.A must have accompaniment for Idly and Dosai. INGREDIENTS 1/3 cup garlic cloves 1/3 cup grated coconut 5-7 dried red chillies A small … Continue reading Poondu Chutney / Garlic Chutney

Karuvepillai Chutney

Karuvepillai/Curry leaves are natural flavouring herbs with enormous health benefits.Curry leaves are not only healthy but also tasty.It is used in most of the South Indian cuisines.We use these leaves for tempering and throw them away while eating.The simplest form of including them in our diet is either to make juice or chutney.Just take a … Continue reading Karuvepillai Chutney


Radish is mostly used to make curry and sambar.Try this Radish chutney if u want to make something different .This chutney is sweet and spicy to taste.Let me make this with simple steps following pictures. INGREDIENTS 2 radishes (chopped) 1 onion (chopped) 5 garlic cloves 2 inch ginger 6 - 8 dried red chillies 1/4 … Continue reading RADISH CHUTNEY (OR) MULANGHI CHUTNEY


Sesame chutney or Ellu chutney is made using either black or white sesame seeds.Flavorful,crunchy sesame seeds are widely considered healthy foods.Sesame is among seeds rich in quality vitamins, and minerals.The seeds are used in many traditional south-Indian sweet delicacies like sesame burfis,sesame balls.Roasted and crushed seeds are sprinkled over salads and desserts.Sesame Chutney has a … Continue reading SESAME CHUTNEY (OR) ELLU CHUTNEY


Green chutney is made by using mint leaves,coriander leaves and curry leaves.These leaves have multiple health benefits and a wonderful source of dietary fiber.A very simple,quick and healthy chutney to make at home.A bright green colored chutney that goes well with Idly and Dosai. INGREDIENTS 2 cups mint leaves(chopped) 2 cups coriander leaves(chopped) 1/2 cup … Continue reading GREEN CHUTNEY