Broken Wheat Kheer / Godhumai Payasam -Guest post for Vidhya

Today's recipe is a guest post I made for Vidhya from Vidhyashomecooking .Vidhya and I became friends through WP and that too very recently. She is such a talented blogger, an active working woman who is managing both her family and her workplace so happily. I called her for the first time for I had … Continue reading Broken Wheat Kheer / Godhumai Payasam -Guest post for Vidhya


Wheat palm jaggery dumplings / Godhumai karupatti kozhukatai

Just a month more for Vinayagar Chathurthi,an auspicious hindu festival celebrated all over India.It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha who is the god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune.Vinayagar chathurthi festival is as colourful as Diwali .In preparation for the festival ,artisans create clay models of Lord Ganesha for sale and small … Continue reading Wheat palm jaggery dumplings / Godhumai karupatti kozhukatai

Pasiparuppu Payasam / Moong dal Payasam

It's hard to believe I started this blog as a passion two years ago today! To celebrate any special day I prefer making Indian sweets.To make it even more special I would like to share a Tamilian traditional recipe Pasiparupu Payasam made using moong dal / split green gram dal and jaggery to make it … Continue reading Pasiparuppu Payasam / Moong dal Payasam

Beach Pattani Sundal / Peas Sundal

Pattani Sundal or Peas Sundal is prepared using dried yellow peas .It is very popular snack sold in Chennai Marina beach.Marina beach is one of the most magnificent beaches in India,it is said to be the second longest beach in the world.It is the major hangout for both the local people and the tourists. Various … Continue reading Beach Pattani Sundal / Peas Sundal

Sesame Burfi / Sesame brittle recipe (using jaggery)

Sesame Burfi is a crunchy,nutty traditional sweet of India.These burfis are so nutritious with just two healthy ingredients sesame seeds and jaggery, also a zero oil and zero sugar sweet recipe.Lot of variations are followed in different regions of India in preparing this sweet. Sesame Burfis are made for Makar Sankranti in Maharastra(India),an auspicious festival … Continue reading Sesame Burfi / Sesame brittle recipe (using jaggery)

Pori Urundai / Puffed rice balls

Pori Urundai ia a traditional recipe prepared especially on Karthigai Deepam for nivedhyam.These festivals help us to know more about our customs and traditions.During Thirukarthigai deepam,people decorate their houses with beautiful agals and kolams .As it comes soon after Diwali,many used to reserve few crackers for this special day. There are so many traditional recipes … Continue reading Pori Urundai / Puffed rice balls

Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

Kadalai Mittai is a healthy and a high Protein delicacy prepared using natural ingredients like peanuts,jaggery and cardamom powder.A zero sugar and zero oil sweet recipe that one could enjoy without any guilt.Peanuts provide rich energy for growing children. Nowadays children are getting so addicted to unhealthy ,junk foods with high sugar level and empty … Continue reading Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

Pottukadalai Urundai / Pottu kadalai Mittai

Pottukadalai Urundai is prepared using roasted gram and jaggery.Mittai means Sweet ,this sweet has a unique taste with the addition of jaggery.A very healthy sweet recipe,rich in proteins and also jaggery is substituted for sugar.An easy to make sweet at home with just two main ingredients ,only the jaggery consistency matters. It is very important … Continue reading Pottukadalai Urundai / Pottu kadalai Mittai

Instant ragi dosai-Zero oil recipe

I have heard people saying that all healthy foods are tasteless but definitely one can make delicious ,mouth watering recipes with these healthy foods.I would like to share one such recipe made with Ragi (kaelvaragu) known as finger millet in english,the nutritive and therapeutic values of ragi is extremely surprising.This cereal is a good source … Continue reading Instant ragi dosai-Zero oil recipe