Chicken Kulambu

Chicken kulambu is always very easy to prepare for they don't take much time to get cooked and tastes good even with the adding of simple ingredients.When ever I'm in a hurry to make breakfast or lunch I prefer making something out of chicken like CHICKEN VIRUDHUNAGAR KULAMBU ,CHICKEN WHITE KURMA or CHICKEN KURMA Today … Continue reading Chicken Kulambu

Nethili meen varuval / Anchovies fish fry

Nethili or Anchovies are small sized fishes that gets cooked very quickly.Also they don't need to be marinated for a long time.Just sauteing for a minute or two yields crispy ,yummy fries. Only the cleaning part takes times for they are so small.The head and the fins (tail part ) needs to be removed and … Continue reading Nethili meen varuval / Anchovies fish fry

Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry

Nethili or Anchovies are small sized fish that could be consumed with the bones.Nethilies get cooked very quickly ,less than a minute. Usually these small sized fishes are more tastier compared to the big ones but the cleaning part is time consuming and so boring The head and the fins should be removed ,the stomach … Continue reading Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry

Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)

Unlike Vegetarian foods,Non-Vegetarian foods are always easy to make .With just few ingredients one could bring such delicious gravies,kulambu,starters and many more.I would like to share one such easy kulambu recipe with just 3 main ingredients mutton,green chilies and shallots .Green chilies gives a nice flavor and taste to the kulambu. A very simple mutton … Continue reading Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)

Attukal kulambu / Paya

Attukal kulambu or Paya is a famous non-veg dish in the southern parts of India made from Lamb's feet.A spicy kulambu mostly served for breakfast or dinner as they dont go well with steamed rice.The rich ,spicy ingredients gives the taste,flavour to the kulambu thus making it more delicious. I have not used any oil … Continue reading Attukal kulambu / Paya

Chicken kulambu (Virudhunagar style)

Chicken Kulambu is a very basic,simple recipe most of us make at home with chicken.They do differ in taste with variations of the ingredients we use.Always use freshly ground items to make Chicken Kulambu for it enhances the aroma and flavour of it.This Chicken kulambu recipe which I have posted is easy to prepare with … Continue reading Chicken kulambu (Virudhunagar style)

Chicken kurma -2

. Chicken kurma is a popular side dish that goes well with most of the Indian breakfast.I have already posted a chicken kurma recipe here,this is a much easier version of kurma variety..The main ingredient is coconut,with few spices and nuts.The taste and flavour of the kurma differs from every stateĀ  depending on the ingredients … Continue reading Chicken kurma -2

Eggs with fried onions

Eggs are among the most nutritious food and are incredibly fulfilling.They are perfect food as they contain a little bit of almost every nutrient we need.Eggs are cheap,easy to prepare and taste awesome.I have posted here a very easy,simple recipe made with eggs and fried onions.Any food that is over fried or burnt goes waste … Continue reading Eggs with fried onions

Chicken kurma

Chicken kurma which i have posted here is an easy and simple version of kurma varieties.A delicious,tasty kurma with the combination of the spices, ground mixture of green chillies,cashews and coconut which makes the kurma rich and creamy.This Chicken kurma goes well with Idly,Dosai,Chapathi,Poori and Parotas. INGREDIENTS 250 g chicken 1 onion chopped 2 green … Continue reading Chicken kurma