Manathakali Keerai Kootu

Manathakali keerai has enormous health benefits especially in treating mouth ulcers and stomach ulcers.Manathakali keerai is more bitter to taste compared to other keerai varieties,so you can subside the taste by adding more dhal while preparing them. They are easy to clean as well ,only the leaf part is used to make kootu.The berries can … Continue reading Manathakali Keerai Kootu


Aviyal is a nutritious dish prepared with lot of healthy vegetables mixed with coconut gravy and thick curd which is finally tempered with cumin seeds and curry leaves in coconut oil.Such a flavorful dish with rich aroma and taste.It is a traditional recipe of Kerala and also served for Onam Sadya. Aviyal with Adai tastes … Continue reading Aviyal

Cauliflower poriyal

Cauliflower poriyal is a simple stir fry recipe with just few ingredients.I haven't used onions too,to make this poriyal.There is no need to boil the cauliflower florets,no strong masalas and also no deep frying .This stir fry tastes great when served with dhal rice and ghee .Easy to prepare poriyal recipe perfect for sambar rice,dhal … Continue reading Cauliflower poriyal

Onion stir fry / Vengaya vathakal

Onions can be made into a delicious stir fry without the addition of any veggies.One of the best accompaniment for curd rice.Usually in villages people have raw onions with Pazhaya soru but in my native place Virudhunagar we used to saute these shallots and have with curd rice or pazhaya soru.These are super natural coolant … Continue reading Onion stir fry / Vengaya vathakal

Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

As Jackfruits are bigger in size so are their seeds.We all love to eat this fruit but throw away its seeds without knowing its nutritive value.They are rich in proteins. The Jackfruit seeds are edible and are used to make various delicious dishes.The Jackfruit seeds are fire roasted then seasoned with salt,pepper or chilli powder … Continue reading Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

Patani poriyal / Peas curry

Green peas are legumes that contains sugar and starch it,they are sweet to taste with vibrant green color.Peas are added and cooked along with other vegetables,panneer and mushrooms to make various delicious curries and gravies.Peas are also used to make many meat dishes. I got this recipe from a Chef who cooks for most of … Continue reading Patani poriyal / Peas curry

Broccoli Drumstick poriyal

Broccoli,a healthy,tasty vegetable packed with hundreds of super nutrients.It is very low in calories but high in vitamins,minerals and fiber.I have made a vegetable curry using broccoli and one more healthy vegetable drumstick(Moringa).Moringa tree has been referred as the Miracle tree for its versatility .All parts of the Moringa are used in some form or … Continue reading Broccoli Drumstick poriyal

Sirukeerai kootu

I love to have Keerai/Greens the whole day for all three meals,they are my favorites.Keerai is a easy and simple to cook food.They are highly nutritious and delicious to taste. Keerai kootu can be prepared with any greens of our choice.All kootu varities are basically prepared with dhall and coconut which makes them more nutritious … Continue reading Sirukeerai kootu

kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu

Brinjals or Egg plant is used in the cuisines of many countries.It is widely used in Indian cuisines to make Sambar.The seeds and the skin are edible along with rest of the vegetable. I have made Kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu with these white brinjals from my native place (Virudhunagar).These white brinjals are very rare … Continue reading kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu