Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe

Jawarisi Mixture / Sago Mixture is an easy to make mixture recipe using tapioca pearls.It is a very quick recipe that could be made in a jiffy , you can make them for evening tea time when you have sudden guests at home. You need nylon tapioca pearls for this recipe for the ordinary sago … Continue reading Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe


Aval mixture / Poha chivda

Aval mixture / Poha chivda is an easy evening snack that could be done in a jiffy for kids back from school.It is a deep fried snack with a mixture of crispy poha,roasted gram,groundnuts,cashews,raisins seasoned with some curry leaves,chilli powder and salt. With just few ingredients and few minutes one can make a bowl of … Continue reading Aval mixture / Poha chivda