Paneer Kurma Recipe

This is one of the most easiest method of making kurma with paneer.It's just sauteing and grinding the ingredients with some coconut milk and cashews for a thicker consistency.In just few minutes one can make this kurma recipe even for a group of people.Very simple and easy side dish recipe that goes well rotis and … Continue reading Paneer Kurma Recipe


Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)

Unlike Vegetarian foods,Non-Vegetarian foods are always easy to make .With just few ingredients one could bring such delicious gravies,kulambu,starters and many more.I would like to share one such easy kulambu recipe with just 3 main ingredients mutton,green chilies and shallots .Green chilies gives a nice flavor and taste to the kulambu. A very simple mutton … Continue reading Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)