Broccoli paratha

The health benefits of Broccoli are very extensive.It is packed with dozens of nutrients,also has therapeutic properties.Broocoli is very easy to incorporate into any dishes like soups,salads,curries and many more. I have made parathas with broccoli using some left over wheat dough.You can also use multigrain atta or maida to make these parathas.This healthy,delicious paratha … Continue reading Broccoli paratha


ALOO PARATHA  is a healthy and tasty breakfast made with wheat and vegetables of our choice.We can use carrots,peas,broccoli,panner ,channa and lots more.Aloo means potato,I Am gonna make these parathas using potatoes following simple steps with pictures INGREDIENTS (FOR DOUGH) 1 cup wheat flour 2 tsp butter or oil Salt to taste Water as required Wheat … Continue reading ALOO PARATHA (OR) STUFFED POTATO PARATHA