Beetroot & Carrot juice

A very powerful drink with the goodness of beetroot and carrot and I have added jaggery and coconut to enhance its taste. Very refreshing juice for our mind and body.You can add either more carrots or beetroots as per your taste.One of the best vegetable juices,besides being healthy they are delicious too.A super healthy drink … Continue reading Beetroot & Carrot juice

Chicken kurma

Chicken kurma which i have posted here is an easy and simple version of kurma varieties.A delicious,tasty kurma with the combination of the spices, ground mixture of green chillies,cashews and coconut which makes the kurma rich and creamy.This Chicken kurma goes well with Idly,Dosai,Chapathi,Poori and Parotas. INGREDIENTS 250 g chicken 1 onion chopped 2 green … Continue reading Chicken kurma

Karuppatti Aapam or Karuppatti Appam( palm sugar appam)

Karuppatti Aapam is very famous in my native town Virudhunagar(Tamil Nadu).It is made with aapam batter and palm sugar.Palm sugar is rich in vitamins ,minerals and amino acids.Replacing white sugar with palm sugar helps to postpone the onset of diabetes and reduce weight.A very sweet ,coloured aapam which can be consumed without sugar and coconut … Continue reading Karuppatti Aapam or Karuppatti Appam( palm sugar appam)


Wheat Dosa is an instant healthy dosa that can made for breakfast and dinner.Very easy and quick recipe that does not require ¬†any fermentation.A perfect low calorie breakfast for dieters.Even newbie cooks can give it a try.Lets make them following these simple steps with pictures. INGREDIENTS 1 cup wheat flour 1/2 cup rice flour or … Continue reading WHEAT DOSA (OR) GODHUMAI DOSAI