Bombay Ice Halwa (with cornflour)

These thin sheets of sweet can be made with just 4 main ingredients at home.It takes only 20 mins to make them but it has to dry for at least 4 hours.Bombay Ice Halwa can be prepared using either rava (sooji) or cornflour.The ones made with sooji has a soft ,chewy texture whereas the traditional … Continue reading Bombay Ice Halwa (with cornflour)

Cornflour Halwa / Karachi halwa

Cornflour halwa is one of the most easiest halwa recipe with very little ghee.Such a colorful,glossy halwa with jelly texture.You will definitely enjoy the making process of this halwa as it changes so rapidly from watery consistency to glassy,glossy, jelly consistency. Unlike other halwa it requires very less time for the cornflour to get cooked … Continue reading Cornflour Halwa / Karachi halwa