Adhirasam Recipe

Adhirasam ,a popular traditional sweet prepared by Tamilians especially for Diwali. Very easy to make sweet at home with just 2 main ingredients ,even beginners should give it a try.Only thing we need to take care of the jaggery consistency (vellam paagu).And we should not get tempted to increase the flame while deep frying the … Continue reading Adhirasam Recipe

Kesar Kaju Katli / Kesar kaju burfi

Just few more days for Diwali ,the festivals of lights and all Indian homes will definitely be filled with varieties of sweets and savories by now.Indian sweets are always rich and special with the addition of ghee,cardamom ,nuts and saffron that enhances the flavor and taste of the sweet.I have shared a very rich and … Continue reading Kesar Kaju Katli / Kesar kaju burfi


Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian dessert.One of the most easiest sweet ┬árecipe to make at home.Gulab jamuns are served in most of the buffets and in almost every Indian weddings.Once you start making them at home,you will never ever buy them from the shops.Gulab Jamun is a must sweet for all celebrations and special … Continue reading GULAB JAMUN (USING KOVA)