Easy Laddu Recipe

Boondi Ladu is a traditional Indian sweet prepared especially during Diwali.They are so rich and delicious that makes it so perfect for any special occasions.Laddu is a bit lengthy process but worth trying it at home for the homemade ones taste so good and you would never go for shop bought ones.Also they are so … Continue reading Easy Laddu Recipe

Moong Dal Laddu / Pasiparuppu Laddu

Moong dal Laddu is an easy and quick laddu recipe with just 3 main ingredients (moong dal,suagr and ghee).The roasted gram and ghee makes the laddu more flavourful.A protein rich sweet that could be prepared in huge batches even for a group of people.They are so perfect for festive season and special occasions at home.Mkae … Continue reading Moong Dal Laddu / Pasiparuppu Laddu