Bread Upma recipe

Making Bread upma is the best way to use the left over bread slices.One could make delicious breakfast with these bread slices.I hardly make Upma varieties for my family doesn't like it at all but this Bread upma is an exceptional one.They taste more like Veg kothu chapathi or parota and you can serve them … Continue reading Bread Upma recipe

Soya chunks dosai / Meal maker dosai recipe

Soya chunks also known as meal maker is a healthy protein rich food that are widely used in Indian vegetarian cooking.Simple and easy to prepare recipe where soya chunks are grated,sauteed with hot and spicy mixture then stuffed inside a dosai or chappathi. The stuffing taste so much like minced mutton,your kids will love to … Continue reading Soya chunks dosai / Meal maker dosai recipe