Samosa Recipe

Samosa is one of the most popular deep fried Indian snack.Very easy to make snack with crispy outer layer and spicy potato ,peas stuffing.Most commonly samosa are made with potato stuffing but you can also try them with meat.Samosas are available as street food these days but the ones made at home are more tasty … Continue reading Samosa Recipe

Ompodi / Omapodi Recipe

Ompodi /Omapodi is the most easiest snack recipe which doesn't require any grinding or soaking process.One can easily make this recipe with store bought besan flour (kadalai maavu) and rice flour with some omam (ajwain)for flavor.Just in 15 minutes you can make huge batches of omapodi and store in containers for upto 2 weeks.They get … Continue reading Ompodi / Omapodi Recipe