Thatai Recipe/Thatai Murukku

Thatai is a popular deep fried snack made specially for Diwali and Gokulashatami.There are lot of variations followed ,some even add maida to make them more crispy.But i ve always made them with rice flour and pottukadalai flour.Use raw rice flour for parboiled rice flour makes the thatai soft. You can alter the spice level … Continue reading Thatai Recipe/Thatai Murukku

Pottukadalai Laddu / Roasted gram balls

Pottukadalai Laddu is prepared with roasted gram ,sugar and ghee.A very easy and a quick sweet recipe that could be done in no time.I have reduced the quantity of ghee and added warm milk to make round balls.I used to make this Maaladdu often at home and never buy them from stores for the store … Continue reading Pottukadalai Laddu / Roasted gram balls