Pooranam kozhukatai / Thengai pooranam kozhukatai

Pooranam kozhukatai is stuffed sweet kozhukatai with grated coconut and sugar as filling.One of my favorite kozhukatai and also a must for Vinayagar Chathurthi every year. Unlike ,Pidi kozhukatais these Pooranam kozhukatais takes time in shaping them.A very simple filling that doesn't require any cooking. Make sure you make a thin outer covering with the … Continue reading Pooranam kozhukatai / Thengai pooranam kozhukatai

Sweet kozhukatai / Inippu kozhukatai

Vinayagar Chathurthi is fast approaching and keeps me so busy with all the preparations.I thought I would make lot of kozhukatai recipes for my young blog but couldn't make it as I planned. I have already uploaded Paal kozhukatai and Karupatti kozhukatai recipe few months back.Do check them as well. Today I would like to … Continue reading Sweet kozhukatai / Inippu kozhukatai