Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

As Jackfruits are bigger in size so are their seeds.We all love to eat this fruit but throw away its seeds without knowing its nutritive value.They are rich in proteins. The Jackfruit seeds are edible and are used to make various delicious dishes.The Jackfruit seeds are fire roasted then seasoned with salt,pepper or chilli powder … Continue reading Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal


Chakka Pradhaman /Jackfruit Payasam

Chakka Pradhaman / Jackfruit payasam is a traditional payasam of Kerala prepared using jackfruits.Various food items are made from jackfruits like jams,payasam,juices,chips,candies and many more.Even the seeds of jackfruits are edible and used to make sambar and many delicious curries. I tasted this payasam for the first time in Alapuzha and could still remember that … Continue reading Chakka Pradhaman /Jackfruit Payasam