Karupatti Idiyappam/Palm sugar Idiyappam

Karupatti Idiyappam is another traditional breakkfast recipe from my native place(Virudhunagar).Karupatti idiyappam is very good for health as they are steamed.No oil or sugar is added to this,sugar is substituted with palm sugar.Palm sugar has more nutritional benefits and also a good source of iron and zinc. Click here for karupatti Aapam recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 … Continue reading Karupatti Idiyappam/Palm sugar Idiyappam

Karuppatti Aapam or Karuppatti Appam( palm sugar appam)

Karuppatti Aapam is very famous in my native town Virudhunagar(Tamil Nadu).It is made with aapam batter and palm sugar.Palm sugar is rich in vitamins ,minerals and amino acids.Replacing white sugar with palm sugar helps to postpone the onset of diabetes and reduce weight.A very sweet ,coloured aapam which can be consumed without sugar and coconut … Continue reading Karuppatti Aapam or Karuppatti Appam( palm sugar appam)