Milk Cake / Paal Cake Recipe

Traditional Indian milk sweet prepared from thickened milk that is curdled with lemon juuce and finally sweetened with sugar.Very time consuming recipe ,where the milk is reduced and thickened to half with continuous stirring for almost 2 hours.This sweet has a grainy ,fudgy texture from the lemon juice and the sugar caramelises and gives the … Continue reading Milk Cake / Paal Cake Recipe

Palkova Recipe

Palkova is a popular milk based delicacy from Srivilliputhur made with just 2 ingredients.This is the traditional way of making Palkova,it is bit time consuming but worth trying. Milk is boiled and evaporated in a heavy bottomed vessel until it is reduced to half its quantity and then sugar is added for taste ,you can … Continue reading Palkova Recipe


Kalakand is a traditional Indian sweet prepared from milk ,with soft and granular texture.The traditional method of making Kalakand is a lengthy process which involves making Chena (Paneer) and thick condensed milk from scratch. You can also make Kalakand using store bought paneer and thick condensed milk, which not only reduces your cooking time but … Continue reading Kalakand