Prawn Kulambu / Eraal Kulambu

A quick prawns kulambu made with prawns and veggies cooked in tomato and coconut gravy.It goes good with plain rice , idly and dosai.I 've added just cumin and coriander for flavour too much masala might dominate the flavour of prawns.You can also add potatoes, raw plantain or brinjal to make this curry.Make sure you … Continue reading Prawn Kulambu / Eraal Kulambu

Keluthi Meen Kulambu / Catfish Curry

Keluthi meen is a fresh water fish with long whiskers and may be that is the reason they are called Catfish in english.Keluthi meen (catfish) tastes so good compared to the sea water fishes especially for they are caught and sold alive.As there is no preservatives used to store them, they are healthy and so … Continue reading Keluthi Meen Kulambu / Catfish Curry

Nattu kozhi kulambu / Country chicken kulambu

Variety of non veg dishes are prepared from chicken especially broiler chicken.But today the demands for country chicken(nattu kozhi) has risen compared to broiler chicken.Country chicken refers to the native chicken breeds of IndiaThe broiler chicken are fed with very high amount of antibiotics,growth hormones and additives.These chemicals even after cooking remains in the chicken.Whereas … Continue reading Nattu kozhi kulambu / Country chicken kulambu

Thirumangalam mutton Kulambu

Today I would like to share a hot and spicy version of mutton kulambu from Thirumangalam ,a small village near my native place Virudhunagar.This kulambu is prepared using roasted and freshly ground ingredients which brings out such a nice flavor and taste. You could definitely make out the difference in taste,color and flavor when using … Continue reading Thirumangalam mutton Kulambu

Chicken Kulambu

Chicken kulambu is always very easy to prepare for they don't take much time to get cooked and tastes good even with the adding of simple ingredients.When ever I'm in a hurry to make breakfast or lunch I prefer making something out of chicken like CHICKEN VIRUDHUNAGAR KULAMBU ,CHICKEN WHITE KURMA or CHICKEN KURMA Today … Continue reading Chicken Kulambu

Attukal kulambu / Paya

Attukal kulambu or Paya is a famous non-veg dish in the southern parts of India made from Lamb's feet.A spicy kulambu mostly served for breakfast or dinner as they dont go well with steamed rice.The rich ,spicy ingredients gives the taste,flavour to the kulambu thus making it more delicious. I have not used any oil … Continue reading Attukal kulambu / Paya