Simple Kaadai Fry / Ullan Fry / Quail Fry

Kaadai/ Ullan is a small bird and weighs just 150 g with not much flesh like chicken but tastes so much like chicken.Any chicken recipes can be tried with Kaadai (Quail)as it goes well with all masalas we use for cooking chicken.There is no need to pressure cook them ,they get cooked very quickly in … Continue reading Simple Kaadai Fry / Ullan Fry / Quail Fry


Virudhunagar Mutton Chukka / Kari Vathakal

Mutton is cooked and enjoyed in varied ways all over the world.In India mutton recipes are a must for every festive seasons and special occasions at home. This mutton chukka recipe is from my native place Virudhunagar,very simple to make for it requires very few ingredients that doesn't need to be ground .Many chukka recipes … Continue reading Virudhunagar Mutton Chukka / Kari Vathakal

Chicken Salna recipe

Chicken Salna is prepared by cooking chicken with flavorful ingredients.The addition of green chillies and dried chillies makes it more hot and spicy.This gravy (Chicken Salna) tastes great with Parota and chapathi,you can also serve them with Idly,Dosa or Idiyappam.If you find it too spicy then reduce the amount of dried red chillies and also … Continue reading Chicken Salna recipe