Potato Pulao

An instant one pot rice recipe with few spices and bite sized potato pieces cooked in a mixture of curd, mint and coriander leaves gravy.Very easy to make recipe that goes great in parties with a simple onion raitha.For South Indians, rice is the most satisfying food compared to other cereals and this long grained … Continue reading Potato Pulao

Raw Jackfruit Biryani / Kathal Biryani Recipe

Raw Jackfruit Briyani tastes so much like mutton briyani because of its soft meaty texture,it is also known as vegetarian meat and a perfect substitute for non veg dishes.So many curries and gravies are made using tender raw jackfruit,fully ripe are used in making jams and kheers.Even the seeds of jackfruit is edible which is … Continue reading Raw Jackfruit Biryani / Kathal Biryani Recipe

Jeera rice / Jeera pulao

Jeera rice or Jeera pulao is a simple but flavorful rice made with basmati rice and tempered with cumin (jeera) along with some spices.All these ingredients adds such nice aroma to this flavorful rice . It is a popular Punjabi dish that goes well with almost all North Indian side dishes .I have added green … Continue reading Jeera rice / Jeera pulao

Vegetable Briyani

Briyani is a one pot meal with the richness of the spices and basmati rice that gives a distinct aroma and flavour to the briyani.The goodness of the veggies makes Briyani a complete meal.The vegetable briyani is prepared with basmati rice,spices,veggies like cauliflower,carrots,peas etc.There are so many styles and variations in making Briyani.A vegetable briyani … Continue reading Vegetable Briyani