Karupatti kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are healthy steamed food made using rice flour without any oil.I have posted a sweet version of Kozhukattai recipe today using karupatti (palm sugar) thus making it more healthy without the addition of white sugar.The health benefits of palm sugar are extensive,it helps to prevent diabetes and weight gain.So,it is always good to switch … Continue reading Karupatti kozhukattai


Rava Dosa is a popular South Indian Dosa variety.Many like Rava Dosa especially for their crispiness .Rava Dosa is easy to make does not need any fermentation thus helps us when we run out of ordinary dosa batter.Let s make this crispy dosa ¬†following these simple steps with pictures INGREDIENTS ¬† 1 cup rava 1/2 … Continue reading RAVA DOSA RECIPE-INSTANT RAVA DOSA