Ellu Mittai / Sesame Burfi

Ellu Mittai / Sesame Burfi a crunchy,nutty,sweet made with sesame seeds and jaggery.These burfis are so nutritious with the goodness of two healthy ingredients Sesame seeds and Jaggery(natural sugar substitute).Ellu means Sesame seeds in Tamil,but we dont call the Sesame oil as Ellu(sesame) Yennai(oil) instead we say Nalla yennai which means Good oil.Sesame seeds and … Continue reading Ellu Mittai / Sesame Burfi


Sesame chutney or Ellu chutney is made using either black or white sesame seeds.Flavorful,crunchy sesame seeds are widely considered healthy foods.Sesame is among seeds rich in quality vitamins, and minerals.The seeds are used in many traditional south-Indian sweet delicacies like sesame burfis,sesame balls.Roasted and crushed seeds are sprinkled over salads and desserts.Sesame Chutney has a … Continue reading SESAME CHUTNEY (OR) ELLU CHUTNEY