Paruppu Urundai Kulambu

Are you bored making Sambar and Puli kulambu?Then you should definitely try this Paruppu Urundai Kulambu with the goodness of lenthils ,a protein rich Kulambu.It is prepared by cooking Lenthil dumplings (urundai) in tomato and coconut based gravy.Either Toor dal or Bengal gram can be used to make these lenthil balls.I have used both the … Continue reading Paruppu Urundai Kulambu


Idly Puttu

Puttu is a steamed breakfast dish of South India especially in Kerala.In some regions they are also called as Pittu.It is served with grated coconut,jaggery,banana,sugar or chickpea curry and also with Non veg curries and gravies. It is traditionally cooked in perforated coconut shells and hollow bamboo stalks.But nowadays there are many cooking vessels specially … Continue reading Idly Puttu

Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry

Nethili or Anchovies are small sized fish that could be consumed with the bones.Nethilies get cooked very quickly ,less than a minute. Usually these small sized fishes are more tastier compared to the big ones but the cleaning part is time consuming and so boring The head and the fins should be removed ,the stomach … Continue reading Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry