Chocolate Choco chip Muffins

Vanilla scented chocolate muffin batter with some chocochip is all you need to make these Chocolate chocochip muffins.This delicious recipe is loaded with a good dose of chocolate chips.A very simple recipe that is so perfect for kids lunch boxes or as an after school snack.The texture is so soft like cake with crusty top.Use … Continue reading Chocolate Choco chip Muffins


Mutton Markandam Kulambu

Mutton Markandam kulambu is prepared using mutton ribs or riblets.Mutton ribs are rich,meaty,juicy and packed with flavour.Mutton ribs contains thin layers of meat,fat and bones that add their unique flavor to the gravy.The reason why lamb ribs are so delicious is probably because they are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.Mutton ribs cooked in spicy … Continue reading Mutton Markandam Kulambu

Vegetable Kurma

Kurma is a side dish gravy prepared using veggies or meat cooked in coconut or curd based gravy.There are so many variations used in making kurma and it differs from every region.In most of the southern parts of India,kurmas are made using coconut milk that enhances the taste and flavour.I am sharing here an easy … Continue reading Vegetable Kurma

Wheat Sesame Crackers

Crackers are flat biscuits with savoury and salty flavours.Here's a simple salted golden brown crackers made with 3 healthy ingredients wheat,olive oil and sesame seeds.These crackers are very crispy with the nutty ,crunchy sesame seeds that give such nice flavour to the crackers.They are unbelievably easy to make and bake in minutes.In less than half … Continue reading Wheat Sesame Crackers

Beach Pattani Sundal / Peas Sundal

Pattani Sundal or Peas Sundal is prepared using dried yellow peas .It is very popular snack sold in Chennai Marina beach.Marina beach is one of the most magnificent beaches in India,it is said to be the second longest beach in the world.It is the major hangout for both the local people and the tourists. Various … Continue reading Beach Pattani Sundal / Peas Sundal

Vanilla Milkshake

Milkshakes are rich,creamy delicious drink that can be prepared with many variety of ingredients like cocoa,fruits,nuts,dried fruits and many more.There are so many wonderful flavors used for making milkshakes but the plain old Vanilla milkshake is always the best and easy to make. Having a cool milkshake on a hot day cools your body and … Continue reading Vanilla Milkshake

Chocolate Coffee Milkshake

With summer in full swing ,milkshakes is also at its peak.Chocolate and Coffee have always made such a great pair and in this milkshake form it is absolutely heavenly.A light creamy milkshake scented with coffee.Very simple to make with just 4 ingredients,4 steps and also ready in 4 mins.Throw coffee,cocoa,milk,sugar into your blender and spin … Continue reading Chocolate Coffee Milkshake

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Fresh Watermelon Mint Lemonade is incredibly a refreshing summer drink on a hot day.Watermelon is a classic summer fruit and with the addition of lemon, mint makes the combination all the more refreshing. Great alternatives for sodas and sugary carbonated drinks.Calorie free thirst quencher with no added colour or preservatives.Beat the season's rising temperature with … Continue reading Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Javarisi Semiya Payasam / Tapioca pearls, Vermicelli Payasam

Javarisi,Semiya payasam is prepared using both Javarisi (tapioca pearls) and Semiya (vermicelli). Another sweet treat from my native place Virudhunagar that is served in most of the weddings. In this recipe both javarisi and semiya are cooked in water instead of milk and milk is finally added before serving. Like Kesari ,this is another easy … Continue reading Javarisi Semiya Payasam / Tapioca pearls, Vermicelli Payasam