Paan Milkshake

Paan milkshake is a cooling and refreshing drink made from betel leaves, milk and gulkand.Rose petals (gulkand) is another cooling ingredient like betel leaves that gives sweeteness to this milkshake. If you want your milkshake to be more tasty,add a scoop of vanilla ice cream .
Super simple to make with just 3 ingredients, you can also add almond milk instead of dairy milk.Perfect milkshake that could be served after a heavy meal.Do try this milkshake if you love the taste of paan.




6 betel leaves (paan leaves)

2 tbsp gulkand (dried rose petals)

1/4 fennel seeds(optional)

2 cups milk


Wash then pan leaves and remove the stalk.
In a blender, add paan leaves,milk,fennel seeds and gulkand.
Whizz everything up until smooth and creamy.

Serve chilled .


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