Mochai Avarai Poriyal

Mochai and Avarai can be cooked together and tastes so good especially when had with dhal rice and sambar rice.A simple vegetable curry with few ingredients and pressure cooked within few minutes.Very healthy vegetable curry with the goodness of Avarai and Mochai together.Do try this simple healthy, poriyal at home and serve for lunch. PREPARATION … Continue reading Mochai Avarai Poriyal


Speckled butter beans(seemai avarai)

Butter beans are important sources of plant protiens and are also rich sources of antioxiants,vitamins,minerals and plant sterols.These speckled beans were new to our market place,so bought them from the local farmers.I followed the same recipe as i do for white butter beans and these beans tastes really good. INGREDIENTS 50 grams speckled butter beans … Continue reading Speckled butter beans(seemai avarai)