Elaneer Juice / Tender coconut juice

elaneer juice

Elaneer is a refreshing natural juice without any artificial colouring and flavouring.I have prepared this juice using tender coconut water,lime and nannari.
Nannari (Sarasaparilla) is a pleasant smelling wonder herb that helps to cool our body during summer season.
Elaneer juice is a famous natural drink in the villages of Tamil nadu.But people in the cities prefer more of carbonated drinks for they are readily available in the market.
It is always better that we rely on natural juices to stay healthy.So do try this at home for summer.


1 cup tender coconut water.

1 tbsp tender coconut

1 tbsp nannari syrup

Juice from half a lime.




Collect the tender coconut water in a cup and refrigerate for an hour.
Break open the tender coconut and scoop the tender coconut gently without scraping the yellow part.

Take a cup of tender coconut water,add the lemon juice.

add lemon juice

Now add the nannari syrup and stir well.

add nannari syrup

Finally,add the chopped tender coconut.Elaneer juice is ready to serve.

add tender coconuts

Enjoy the natural,refreshing Elaneer juice this summer with your family and friends.
elaneer juice,


You can use honey,maple syrup or jaggery syrup instead of nannari syrup.

Do not scrap the tender coconut along with the yellow part.

Do not try to replace the tender coconut with the coconut we use for grinding chutney.

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