Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

peanut mittai

Kadalai Mittai is a healthy and a high Protein delicacy prepared using natural ingredients like peanuts,jaggery and cardamom powder.A zero sugar and zero oil sweet recipe that one could enjoy without any guilt.Peanuts provide rich energy for growing children.
Nowadays children are getting so addicted to unhealthy ,junk foods with high sugar level and empty calories.These kadalai mittais are prepared using jaggery which sweetens the food in a healthy manner and provides good amount of minerals. Lets make this wonderful sweet for our children and others at home that is not only healthy but delicious too.



YIELDS : 16*

verkadalai mittai


1 cup peanuts

3/4 cups crushed jaggery

1/4 cup water

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

peanut mitai


Take a up of roasted peanuts with skins removed.Take the crushed jaggery, water in a pan and bring it to boil.

add water to jaggery

Let it boil in medium flame and add the cardamom powder.

add cardamom powder and bring it to boil

When the jaggery reaches to a soft ball like consistency add the peanuts.


Now add the peanuts and mix well until they become like a ball or a dough.Switch off the flame now.

add peanuts

Transfer them to a greased roti board and flatten them gently.

transfer to a flat surface

Then place an aluminium foil paper on top and roll them gently to bring even surface all over the mittai.

roll them to flatten

Cut them to equal squares using a very sharp knife.

make small squares

Healthy protein rich Kadalai Mittai is ready now.

kadalai mittai


Do not cook the peanuts for a long time after adding to the jaggery else they will become chewy and lose their crunchiness.


24 thoughts on “Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

  1. Any way to reduce the sweetness, I would like to use it as an energy bar.. So eating healthier I would like to reduce jaggery content to control sweet in take .. can we mix jaggery with something else to reduce sweetness but getting the consistency for burfi making?


    1. For marking burfi you should either caramelize sugar or jaggery …if you are very concerned about the sugar intake then reduce 1-2 tbsp of jaggery from the recipe…


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