Bottle Gourd Halwa / Lauki Ka Halwa

Halwas are a must classic Indian sweets made for most of the Indian weddings,festivals,navrathri,vrat and special occasions at home.I’d like to share a simple halwa recipe made from bottle gourd with sugar,nuts and ghee. I remember having this halwa in a north indian wedding and it is becoming popular in many Wedding venues in Chennai .Halwas made from fruits and veggies enhances the flavour and texture than the ones made with just flour.You can either grind the bottle gourd or grate them ,but grating gives a nice gooey texture to the halwa.
I have not added milk in this recipe ,if you would want to try with milk,then add 1/2 cup full cream milk instead of water.This process is bit lengthy but very easy,it takes an hour to make this halwa .The grated bottle gourd has to be cooked for half an hour and then add sugar and cook for another 30 mins ,finally garnishing with some ghee roasted nuts.Do try this halwa at home and share it with your loved ones💑




2 cups bottle gourd

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

2 tsp ghee

8 cashews

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

A pinch of green food color


Wash,peel and grate the bottle gourd

Saute them in a pan for a min and then add water and cook for half an hour on low flame.

Add sugar , food color and cook for another half an hour on low flame .

When it thickens add cardamom powder ,ghee roasted nuts and switch off the flame.

Delicious Bottle gourd Halwa is ready to serve now.


Do not get tempted to increase the flame.

Adding food color is totally optional.

For a richer version add badam,pista and some raisins.


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