Besan ladoo / Kadalai Maavu Urundai

An easy and healthy ladoo recipe which is made especially during festive times.Usually they are made using ghee,but i have used replaced half the amount of ghee with sesame oil and it was too good.There are lot of variations for this recipe,some roast the kadalai maavu/besan flour before adding it to ghee.Whatever method you follow … Continue reading Besan ladoo / Kadalai Maavu Urundai

Kadalai paruppu payasam / Chana dal kheer

Kadalai Paruppu Payasam / Chana dal kheeer is a creamy and delicious payasam recipe that is so healthy with the addition of jaggery for sweetening instead of sugar.There is no need to take any jaggery syrup, you can add the crushed jaggery directly to the cooked dal. The addition of grated coconut and the ghee … Continue reading Kadalai paruppu payasam / Chana dal kheer

Achu Murukku / Eggless Rose Cookies Recipe

I have always wanted to try Achu Murukku at home for I love these crispy murukku especially for its mild sweetness.After so many flops ,I finally succeeded making them at home.And this nonstick achu murukku mould makes your worker easier. Some soak and grind the rice ,which is a bit lengthy and complicated process.But one … Continue reading Achu Murukku / Eggless Rose Cookies Recipe

Coconut laddu / Thengai laddu recipe with milk

An easy and rich sweet recipe with just 3 ingredients that could be made in huge batches in few minutes.I have already shared Thengai burfi/ Coconut burfi recipe,for a richer version some use condensed milk with lot of nuts and raisins.You can also use desiccated coconut that gives a good shape to the laddus compared … Continue reading Coconut laddu / Thengai laddu recipe with milk

Bombay Ice Halwa Recipe (with sooji / rava)

Bombay Ice Halwa is a popular Indian sweet which can be prepared with either sooji (rava) or corn flour. When made with sooji, it comes out soft & smooth whereas with corn flour (traditional method) it is a tinge creamy & crisp. I am giving you the recipe of the former, so those with a … Continue reading Bombay Ice Halwa Recipe (with sooji / rava)

Bombay Ice Halwa (with cornflour)

These thin sheets of sweet can be made with just 4 main ingredients at home.It takes only 20 mins to make them but it has to dry for at least 4 hours.Bombay Ice Halwa can be prepared using either rava (sooji) or cornflour.The ones made with sooji has a soft ,chewy texture whereas the traditional … Continue reading Bombay Ice Halwa (with cornflour)

Apple Kesari Recipe

Fruit kesari is usually served in weddings with apples,pineapple and some grapes.But today i tried it with just apples and it was super delicious.Some puree the apple that makes the kesari go like porridge.But i prefer to use chopped apples which tastes good and stays crunchy on cooking.Very simple sweet recipe that is so rich … Continue reading Apple Kesari Recipe

Gulkand GulabJamun Recipe

Feels so nice to share a sweet recipe today for I have completed 3 successful years of blogging.So happy to be part of WordPress community through which I’m learning new cuisines everyday from all over the world.As part of the celebration I’d like to post Gulkand Gulab Jamun recipe that is so rich and royal.I … Continue reading Gulkand GulabJamun Recipe