Mochai Avarai Poriyal

Mochai and Avarai can be cooked together and tastes so good especially when had with dhal rice and sambar rice.A simple vegetable curry with few ingredients and pressure cooked within few minutes.Very healthy vegetable curry with the goodness of Avarai and Mochai together.Do try this simple healthy, poriyal at home and serve for lunch. PREPARATION … Continue reading Mochai Avarai Poriyal


Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

As Jackfruits are bigger in size so are their seeds.We all love to eat this fruit but throw away its seeds without knowing its nutritive value.They are rich in proteins. The Jackfruit seeds are edible and are used to make various delicious dishes.The Jackfruit seeds are fire roasted then seasoned with salt,pepper or chilli powder … Continue reading Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

Patani poriyal / Peas curry

Green peas are legumes that contains sugar and starch it,they are sweet to taste with vibrant green color.Peas are added and cooked along with other vegetables,panneer and mushrooms to make various delicious curries and gravies.Peas are also used to make many meat dishes. I got this recipe from a Chef who cooks for most of … Continue reading Patani poriyal / Peas curry

Broccoli Drumstick poriyal

Broccoli,a healthy,tasty vegetable packed with hundreds of super nutrients.It is very low in calories but high in vitamins,minerals and fiber.I have made a vegetable curry using broccoli and one more healthy vegetable drumstick(Moringa).Moringa tree has been referred as the Miracle tree for its versatility .All parts of the Moringa are used in some form or … Continue reading Broccoli Drumstick poriyal

kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu

Brinjals or Egg plant is used in the cuisines of many countries.It is widely used in Indian cuisines to make Sambar.The seeds and the skin are edible along with rest of the vegetable. I have made Kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu with these white brinjals from my native place (Virudhunagar).These white brinjals are very rare … Continue reading kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu

Snake gourd kootu/Pudalangai kootu recipe

Snake gourd is a well known veggie used in various Indian recipes.They are pale green or grey green in colour.It is rich in fiber and its laxative property cures constipation.It gives a cooling effect to our system.Also helps in weight for they are very low in calories.I have posted here a recipe of snake gourd … Continue reading Snake gourd kootu/Pudalangai kootu recipe