Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe

Jawarisi Mixture / Sago Mixture is an easy to make mixture recipe using tapioca pearls.It is a very quick recipe that could be made in a jiffy , you can make them for evening tea time when you have sudden guests at home. You need nylon tapioca pearls for this recipe for the ordinary sago … Continue reading Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe


Kariveppillai chutney / Curry leaves chutney

Chutneys are the best accompaniment for Indian breakfast recipes.I would like to share a chutney recipe using curry leaves that doesn't require any cooking process .They are not only easy to prepare but healthy too.As chutneys are ground with fresh ingredients there is no loss of any nutrients.Curry leaves when blended with coconut and garlic … Continue reading Kariveppillai chutney / Curry leaves chutney