Ellu laddu / Black sesame balls

Ellu laddu is so nutritious with the goodness of healthy ingredients sesame seeds,jaggery and coconut. You can use either black or white sesame seeds but make sure to roast them for 5 mins in low flame.A sugar free laddu recipe where jaggery is used as an sweetening agent.The health benefits of sesame seeds and jaggery are extensive with all essential nutrients.It is very important to use natural sugar for white sugar adds lot of empty calories to our body.Lot of variations are followed in different regions in India,for a richer version you can add some nuts and raisins.
An easy and simple recipe that could be made in huge batches for a group of people and can be stored in air tight container for a month.Do try this healthy recipe at home and share it with your loved ones.



YIELDS: 20 *


1 cup sesame seeds (white or black)

1/2 cup jaggery

2 tbsp grated coconut

1/4 tsp cardamom powder


Dry roast sesame seeds and coconut separately for 3-5 mins in low flame.

Grind the sesame seeds first,then add jaggery,coconut and grind well.Transfer the ground mixture to a large mixing bowl.

Make small balls with the mixture.Give good pressure while making balls to bind them well.

Let it set for an hour.

Store the healthy laddu in an air tight container at room temperature.


Use good quality jaggery ,do not use paggu vellam.

You can use a pinch of sukku powder for more flavour.

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