Jackfruit Milkshake

In this scorching summer season, who wouldn’t love to sip a cool and refreshing drink? If you are looking for something new, then you can try out the delicious and nutritious Jackfruit milkshake. Jackfruits have an amazing flavour with a heavy fruity aroma. In addition to the taste factor, this milkshake supplies your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But, make sure you buy ripe jackfruit instead of the raw ones that are used for making curries and gravies.
With just 3 staple ingredients, you can make a nutritionally balanced jackfruit milkshake with a creamy and silky texture. The natural sweetness of a ripe jackfruit is enough to satiate your taste buds. Still, if you have a sweet tooth and would love more sugariness, you can opt for health-friendly sweeteners like honey, brown sugar or any other natural sweetener as per your preferences. Do try this healthy, nutritional and revitalising Jackfruit milkshake this summer for your loved ones at home 😊
Jackfruit is one of the underutilized fruits in the food industry. Jackfruit can be consumed as a fruit as well as the raw jackfruit can be used in making yummy vegetable dishes. Nowadays we notice business enterprises like Chai Kings and Coffee Day which specialise in specific Beverages. But when it comes to Fruit Juice, we rarely come across restaurants which specialise in fruits.
Though Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit, there are a few other Indian fruits that are non-seasonal and hence available throughout the year. Just like Jackfruit, they are also underutilized as not many people even know about their existence. Fruits like Star Fruit, Fingered Citron( known as Buddha’s Hand), Langsat, Mangosteen, Japani Phal, Ambarella( known as Indian Hog Plum), Bael (known as Wood Apple) are so rich with nutritive values and can attract more people towards your juice store. People in this digital world are very health conscious and hence would surely love these fruit juices or milkshakes. It will be a complete package of nutrition and health for them.
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200g Jackfruit

2 cups coconut milk

2 tbsp brown sugar


Wash and cut the jackfruit into pieces.Mix all the ingredients in a blender.Process for a minute or until smooth.

Serve chilled.


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