Besan ladoo / Kadalai Maavu Urundai

An easy and healthy ladoo recipe which is made especially during festive times.Usually they are made using ghee,but i have used replaced half the amount of ghee with sesame oil and it was too good.There are lot of variations for this recipe,some roast the kadalai maavu/besan flour before adding it to ghee.Whatever method you follow make sure you cook the besan flour really well to avoid that raw dominant flavor of the flour.Do try this healthy snack at home for kids back from school and have a wonderful evening time.



YIELDS : 24 *


2 cups besan flour / kadalai maavu

1/4 cup GHEE

1/4 cup sesame oil

1 1/4 cup sugar

3 cardamoms

2 tbsp hot milk (optional)

Few cashews


Heat ghee and sesame oil in a pan,add cashews and roast for 2 mins in low flame.Add besan flour/ kadalai maavu and mix well ,cook for 8 -10 mins in low flame.

Switch off the flame,transfer it to a plate and then powder the sugar with cardamom.Add 2 tbsp hot milk if the mixture is too dry,then start making balls and let it dry for 2 hours.

Healthy Besan laddu is ready to serve now.


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