Aam Papad / Mango Fruit Roll Ups Recipe

Homemade Aam Papad / Mango Fruit Roll Ups is so easy to make with just one ingredient and are perfect for lunch boxs and after school snack.You can add sugar, honey , agave for more sweetness as per your tastebuds.Very easy recipe that can be substituted for any fruit puree.This sweet fruity pulp has to be sun dried for 1-2 days or can also be done using an oven.
Do make this healthy homemade Aam Papad/ Fruit Roll ups at home for your lovely little ones 👫🏡




1 kg mangoes

1/ 2 sugar (optional)

Cardamom powder (optional)

GHEE for greasing


Peel and cut the mangoes.Puree mangoes in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Transfer the sweet fruity paste to a wide bottomed vessel,add sugar and cardamom powder cook for 25-30 mins with a closed lid stirring in between to avoid getting burnt at the bottom.

Grease the plates with GHEE and spread the cooked mango puree as evenly as possible .

Sun dry for 1-2 days.Cut into strips or squares.

Homemade healthy Aam Papad.


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