Beetroot Chutney

Bright hued Beetroot chutney is so easy and healthy chutney that goes well with idly and dosai,you can also try them them with roti varieties.I got this recipe from my doctor friend who concentrates more on healthy food in her diet.Also being a doctor she strongly recommends the NEET aspirants in Chennai to enroll in … Continue reading Beetroot Chutney

Kadamba Chutney Recipe

Kadamba chutney is an easy and healthy chutney that goes well with almost all Indian breakfast recipe.Left over onions ,tomatoes are ground with flavourful ingredients like ginger ,garlic ,mint leaves, curry leaves and coriander leaves along with coconut and chillies.A brilliant way to include these healthy ingredients in our kids menu ,you can also serve … Continue reading Kadamba Chutney Recipe

Kariveppillai chutney / Curry leaves chutney

Chutneys are the best accompaniment for Indian breakfast recipes.I would like to share a chutney recipe using curry leaves that doesn't require any cooking process .They are not only easy to prepare but healthy too.As chutneys are ground with fresh ingredients there is no loss of any nutrients.Curry leaves when blended with coconut and garlic … Continue reading Kariveppillai chutney / Curry leaves chutney

Chow Chow peel chutney / Chayote peel chutney

Chayote or Chow Chow belongs to the gourd family.Vegetables from the gourd family are extremely healthy.There are various types of gourds cultivated in India and they are extremely fibrous to consume,lower in saturated fats as well as calories. The chayote can be eaten raw in salads, or stuffed and baked.It is used in everyday Indian … Continue reading Chow Chow peel chutney / Chayote peel chutney

Coriander seeds chutney recipe

Coriander seeds and the leaves are known all over the world for its medicinal properties.The aromatic flavour of these seeds comes from the essential oil and fatty acids in it.You can include coriander seeds in your gravies, curry or salad for extra flavor.You can also make delicious chutney by grinding the coriander seeds with coconut.They … Continue reading Coriander seeds chutney recipe

Ginger chutney / Inji chutney

Ginger Chutney is a famous chutney being served along with PESARATTU in Andhra Pradesh also known as Allam pachadi in telugu.This chutney goes well with other breakfasts like Dosa,Idly,Chapathi too.With very few ingredients you can make this flavorful chutney as they have long shelf life you can prepare them ahead and store in airtight containers … Continue reading Ginger chutney / Inji chutney

Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney

Ridge gourd / Peerkangai is a fiber rich vegetable with white spongy pulp part and ruff outer skin part.But these peels are edible and can be used to make delicious chutney. Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and calories thus aids weight loss.So whenever you make Peerkangai poriyal at home ,never throw the peels … Continue reading Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney