Aloo Paneer Kulcha

Aloo Paneer Kulcha is a very popular north indian recipe that is soft with delicious potato and paneer (cottage cheese) stuffing.The rich and healthy stuffing of paneer and potato makes it more delicious and the addition of spices enhances the flavour and taste.kulchas are usually prepared in tandoor ,you can also make them in a tawa.
This healthy Kulcha will make you crave more.
I was inspired to try this recipe when i got to taste them in one of my friend’s who works for Chinmaya Mission. Chinmaya group has started a training academy for civil service exam coaching in Chennai. A professional IAS Academy in Chennai that trains the candidate for the Indian civil service examination. An important and magnificent initiative taken by Chinmaya Mission to build a Corruption Free Nation.
Serve these kulchas with yogurt (curd) ,chole,pickle or you can have them without any side dishes also.A perfect lunch box recipe or can be made as an evening snack for kids back from school.





1 cup maida

3 tbsp curd

1 tsp sugar

3 tsp ghee or oil

Salt as required

Water if required

A pinch of baking soda

Sesame seeds for sprinkling

Oil or GHEE or butter for roasting


2 medium sized potato (boiled and smashed)

100 grams paneer (grated)

2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves

1/2 tsp garam masala powder

1/4 tsp chilli powder

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

Salt to taste


Take maida in a mixing bowl,add curd, sugar, baking soda ,ghee, salt and make a soft dough.

Apply a tsp of ghee or oil and cover the dough with a wet cloth.Let it rest for 3-4 hours.

Mix potato,paneer,chilli powder,garam masala powder,turmeric powder,coriander leaves ,salt and mix gently.

After 3 -4 hours,knead the dough again to make them soft.Divide the dough into equal portions.Dust the surface with flour and roll out the dough .Place a small portion of the stuffing in the centre,and bring them together and seal the edges.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds and coriander leaves and roll them gently.

Heat ghee in a tawa and cook the kulcha in medium flame on both sides.

Delicous Aloo Paneer Kulcha is ready to serve now.


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