Ulundu Vadai

ulundu vadai

Ulundu Vadai is a traditional food of South India made especially for festivals and pujas.Ulundu Vadai must be the only Vadai that goes well with both Sakarai pongal and Ven pongal.A protein rich breakfast made from Urad dhal(black gram) and a perfect snack for kids from school.Ulundu Vadai with Ven pongal,sambar and coconut chutney is an unbeatable combo ever.


YIEDLS 12 – 15


1 cup urad dhal/ulundu/black gram(skin removed)

1 onion chopped

1 green chilly chopped

1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera

1/2 tsp whole black pepper

Few curry leaves (chopped)

2 tsp rice flour(optional)

Few coriander leaves chopped(optional)

Salt as required

Oil for frying


Wash and soak the Urad dhal in water for an hour.

soak urad dhal

Drain the water and add the urad dhal to the grinder.Grind it by adding water little by little at intervals.
Do not get tempted to add water.The batter should be like butter which is the perfect consistency to make vadai.

buttery batter

Transfer the vadai batter to a bowl,add the onions,green chilies,cumin seeds,whole black pepper,curry leaves,rice flour salt and mix them well.

add the ingredients

Heat oil in kadai.Take a bowl of water dip your finger in it and start shaping the vadai.Take a small amount of batter,flatten them slightly and make a hole in the middle using your thumb finger.

vadai batter

make a hole

Now gently slide them into the oil.

deep fry

Fry the vadai on both sides until they turn golden in color.

crispy vadai

Remove the excess oil using a kitchen paper.

remove excess oil

Ulundu vadai is cooked evenly,they are very crispy outside and soft inside.

cooked evenly

Serve the vadai hot for breakfast or for tea time.



Do not soak the urad dhal overnight for the batter will become watery and the vadais will drink lot of oil.Soak urad dhal only for an hour.

If the batter goes watery add few spoons of rice flour,adding rice flour also gives crispy vadais.

The batter should be stiff with buttery consistency and not sticky.

Do not add water at a stretch,just sprinkle water at regular intervals of time to get fluffy,buttery batter.

The quantity of water to be added depends on the quality of the urad dhal.

Do not refrigerate the batter,use it immediately after grinding.


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