Karupatti kozhukattai

karupatti kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are healthy steamed food made using rice flour without any oil.I have posted a sweet version of Kozhukattai recipe today using karupatti (palm sugar) thus making it more healthy without the addition of white sugar.The health benefits of palm sugar are extensive,it helps to prevent diabetes and weight gain.So,it is always good to switch to palm sugar instead of using white sugar or sugar free sweeteners.
Kozhukattais are specially made for Ganesh chaturthi / Vinayagar chaturthi.Every family makes it the way they like it either sweet,karam or both.
Vinayagar chaturthi brings back such good old memories.A day with full of celebrations,happiness and togetherness.My dad takes me to the market to buy Vinayagar Idol,fruits,flowers and the cute little umbrella.Till now I love those colourful umbrellas made with papers flowers.My mom prepares everything for the Nivedhyam all by herself.Those lovely days would never come again…



YIELDS : 20-22

karupatti kolukattai,

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1 cup karupatti (palm sugar)

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp grated coconut

A pinch of salt

(Add water as per your requirement for the dough)

Click here for Idiyappam flour link.


Break the palm sugar candy and then measure.Add 1/2 cup water to 1 cup of broken palm sugar and bring it to boil.
Let it boil for 10 mins until the palm sugar is completely dissolved and a thick syrup is obtained.
Filter the palm sugar syrup through a strainer to remove the mud particles.

karupatti syrup

Take a cup of idiyappam flour in a large mixing bowl.Add the hot palm sugar syrup,grated coconut,salt and mix them well to form a soft dough.
(Add water as per your requirement to form a soft dough)

karupatti dough

Take a gooseberry sized dough and press them gently between your palm and fingers to give slight impression.
Steam the kozhukattais in an Idly cooker for 10- 15 mins .

steam the kozhukattai

Karupatti kozhukattais are ready for the nivedhyam.

karupatti kolukattai


The dough should be soft,if it is hard or stiff you will then get kozhukattais with cracks.

Add hot palm sugar syrup to the flour to get soft kozhukattais

You can add a pinch of cardamom power or edible camphor powder while making the dough

You can also use the ready made idiyappam flour from the stores to make kozhukattais.


13 thoughts on “Karupatti kozhukattai

  1. OMG, the name of this dish reminded me of something my cousin’s wife used to make, I think it’s called nan kattai. I use to love it as a little girl. Swapna, is this similar to that? I think it’s a similar colour but looks slightly different, or maybe you’ve given it a different shape to what I’m used to…

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