Rava Paniyaram – Virudhunagar special recipe

Rava Paniyaram is a must sweet recipe for all special occasions for the people in Virundhunagar.It is part of our tradition to make Rava Paniyaram on specials days. A very simple recipe that is so easy to make with just 3 ingredients.This must be the KING OF SWEETS for the people of Virudhunagar.On the day of Diwali we make this early in the morning as to start the day with something sweet.For weddings we make this a day before for dinner as an offering to our ancestors for their blessing for the marriage.Most of the people in southern parts of Tamilnadu make this for Kulatheivam Valipaadu.
There are so many versions of Rava paniyaram but we follow this soaking method where the rava and maida are soaked in water for an hour before adding sugar.Sugar is added in the final step before deep frying them.Make sure the batter is little thick with dosa batter consistency.While adding sugar add very little water so that the batter doesn’t go watery that would yield flat panniyarams. Even newbie cooks and bachelors can give this recipe a try fo they are that easy to prepare.




YIELDS : 15 *


1 cup rava / suji

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup maida

Water as required

Oil for frying


Mix maida and rava in bowl.

Add water,mix well and let it soak for an hour.

Then add sugar and little water to make a dosa like batter for the sugar would leave some water.Make a lump free batter.

Heat oil in a pan,add a small ladle of batter in low flame.Do not get tempted to increase the flame.Cook on both sides and untill the edges turn mild yellow and the center part still remains white.Remove the excess oil.

Delicious Rava Paniyaram


Do not get tempted to increase the flame .

You can also add few cashew pieces to the batter before frying.


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