Bread Halwa Recipe (without milk)

Swapna’s Kitchen ,which I started in July 2014 is celebrating 4 years.I just love cooking and being an housewife was my full time job,I never thought I would become a food blogger.I do remember how I struggled to edit the pictures and align them with my post before I hit the publish button.Without my brother RATHAN this wouldn’t have been possible for me,he has been the greatest motivator who has made my blog successful.
When it comes to celebration , I always prefer making Indian sweets for they are rich and sweet with the addition of all royal ingredients.I’d love to share this Bread Halwa recipe without using milk,this is served in most of the muslim weddings with Briyani.I have shallow fried the bread pieces,you can also deep fry them in ghee for a richer version.Trim the browned parts of the bread if yo want to ,also add nuts and raisins as per your taste.Do try this delicious treat for your loved ones at home.




1 loaf bread

2 cups suga

1 3/4 cups water

150 g kova

5 cardamoms

Few saffron strands

GHEE for roasting

2-3 tbsp nuts of your choice

A pinch of orange food color


Shallow fry or deep fry the bread slices in ghee in low flame and keep it aside.

In a wide bottomed vessel,add sugar,water,cardamom,saffron strands,orange food colour and bring it boil.When it starts to boil simmer to medium flame and cook for 10 mins.

Crush the nuts and add it to the sugar syrup.Now add kova and cook for 3 mins in low flame.Switch off the flame now.

Add the bread slices ,and give a gentle mix and let it set for 15 mins.Do not stir them.

Delicious Bread Halwa is ready to serve now.They taste great when served warm.


Use unsweetened kova.

Trim the edges of the bread if your prefer that way.

You can deep fry the bread slices for a richer version.


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