Karuvepillai Podi / Curry leaves Powder

In India we use curry leaves for our everyday cooking.They are used as a flavoring agent in most curries and chutneys,but we throw them away while eating.The best way to incorporate them in our diet is to make KARUVEPPILLAI CHUTNEY , KARUVEPPILLAI THOGAYAL or podi varieties.I would like to share an easy Karuvepillai podi recipe that goes well with hot steamed rice with some GHEE or gingelly oil.Use curry leaves not just to flavor food but for their immense health benefits.



1/2 cup curry leaves (tightly packed)

1/2 cup roasted bengal gram

1 tsp sesame seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/4 tsp pepper

2-3 cloves of garlic

2-3 dried red chillies

A generous pinch of hing (asafoetida)

Salt as required


Dry roast the curry leaves in low flame for 5 -8 mins.

Dry roast the roasted bengal garm.

Then dry roast the sesame seeds,cumin seeds,pepper ,red chillies for 3 min in low flame.

Finally roast the garlic for 2 mins.

Add all the roasted ingredients to your mixer.Add hing, salt and grind them coarsely or finely as per your need.

Serve with hot steamed rice and GHEE.


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